"Carolina Beauty" | Photography by Greg Mills

  • Published October 2nd, 2015 by Greg Mills

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Sunrise over Hatteras

  • Published September 2nd, 2015 by Greg Mills

On this breezy and warm summer morning, I went with what I had before me. The sea oats whipping in the wind, sunrise painting the sky above Hatteras Island and a beach scene that delivered simple Outer Banks goodness. :-)
I captured this image shooting across the Pamlico Sound, standing on the northern tip of Ocracoke, North Carolina.

This photograph and many other new ones are now available in my online FINE ART GALLERY!



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Hanging Rocks and Hidden Falls | The Sauratown Mountains

  • Published July 14th, 2015 by Greg Mills

In route to the western half of the state last week, in part to escape the heat, I spent a day hiking and exploring Hanging Rock. This was my first time visiting Hanging Rock State Park, but it will certainly not be the last. This awesome NC State Park is truly an inspiring destination and one that you could easily spend days exploring.

Hidden Falls, the center image, is just one of several beautiful waterfalls found within the almost 7,000 acre park. Hanging Rock, the left and right images, rewards you with spectacular views and an opportunity to sit and relax after a great hike.

If you have never been to 'Hanging Rock' add it to your bucket list. You'll be glad you did. :-)

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Recent OBX Favorites

  • Published June 9th, 2015 by Greg Mills

My latest trip to the Outer Banks was another treasure trove of beauty. The first night I spent in route to and on Jockey's Ridge dodging strong wind, water spouts, driving rains and stinging sands to capture some of the most dramatic images of this incredible treasure that I've ever been lucky enough to photograph.

Then it was off to Ocracoke, but not before a few stops along the way. One of those, an early stop to capture sunrise at my favorite Graveyard of the Atlantic shipwreck. Thankfully some of it was still above ground. **See that new image in the post below this one, it's the last image of that series

Arriving at Ocracoke, I found the island void of tourists and mosquitos. The first evening I captured the most gorgeous sunset that I have ever experienced behind the camera, it's the top right image below, along with the 'blue hour' dock shot to its left.
The winds were gusting pretty solid the first couple of days on the island, but I did get 2 great paddels in. One took me out past Teache's Hole, the area where Blackbeard met his fate, and the other was a paddle up Parker's Creek and out into the Sound to photograph a few duck blinds.

All of these images, and other great shots, are available in the full gallery at FINE ART GALLERY.  Enjoy! :)

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Graveyard Treasure | Cape Hatteras National Seashore

  • Published April 7th, 2015 by Greg Mills

The George A. Kohler was a large four-masted schooner, originally 212 feet long.  The Kohler was pushed ashore by a hurricane in 1933 in route from Baltimore to Haiti.  It sat on the shore between Avon and Salvo for about ten years, until it was burned during WWII for her iron fittings.  As big storms would pound the coast in the following decades, the wreck would be uncovered and then reburied.

During a recent 2015 Winter Storm, the charred remains of the shipwreck were partially exposed once again.  I knew I had to make plans to head to the OBX and hoped that luck and good weather would allow me a chance to see and photograph a rare piece of coastal history.
Thankfully both were on my side and I visited the site three times over my first two days back on the Outer Banks,
to take it all in and photograph the shipwreck under different skies and light. 

As you can see from the last image of the wreck below, Mother Nature was already reclaiming The Kohler for herself again.  It was a really cool experience and one I will always cherish.  
**Prints are available in the Fine Art Gallery on the website.

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The Winter That Almost Wasn't

  • Published February 28th, 2015 by Greg Mills

We waited all Winter long for Winter to show up, but once it did we had several events in a row. The kids missed almost two, YES TWO, weeks of school, we had to dig out of the driveway to make a planned trip to Disney and the furnace finally bit the dust. I think you can safely say that I am ready for Spring.  :-)

During one of the snow events, I slid my way over to Historic Yates Mill. The Mill, dam and pond were almost totally destroyed when hurricane Fran came through many years ago, but after much effort and rebuilding it still operates as a working Mill today.

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2015 "Umstead State Park" calendar cover shot!

  • Published December 30th, 2014 by Greg Mills

With the New Year just a few days away, I have some really cool news that has just come across my wire!

One of my images, "Reflections", has been chosen by The Umstead Coalition for the 'cover shot' of their new William B. Umstead State Park calendar for 2015!!   THANK YOU to everyone involved in this great project!

This all came about because of something I rarely do, enter contests. The Umstead Coalition's cause is a good one, so when they ran their first big photo contest this past summer I made a couple of hikes with my camera & tripod in tow and was excited about the possibilities. Along with a new image, I also included a shot that I had captured a few years back on one of my first visits to Umstead State Park.

As luck would have it, the older image was chosen from hundreds of entries as an 'Honorable Mention' winner for the overall contest AND for the cover shot for their new 2015 calendar!  Goes to show, never be afraid to dig through your archives!  ;-)

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